Language should convey information, entertain and convince. A skilled speaker captivates his audience and draws him to his side with his rhetorical skills

n a professional rhetoric training, you’ll learn what points to consider when preparing for a speech or panel discussion, and how to present your concerns in order to reach and convince your target audience.

Do you need fast results?

Then work with our successful and experienced coaches who focus exclusively on your success. Everything about speech and rhetoric is taught to you both theoretically and practically. We help you to take the right steps at the right time to be a permanent speaker. Successful and motivational speaking in front of an audience is a very significant skill for your career.

Confidentiality and security of the customer

We offer an absolutely confidential service and encourage us to connect with customers before considering booking courses. We recognize the significant investment in your time and resources. We recognize the significant investment in your time and resources. We accept your tight schedules and your self-assessment to take the next steps independently Our payment options are practical and easy. For your safety, we do not keep customer payment information online. With cybercrime becoming ever more sophisticated, your safety comes first.

Questions to ask when choosing a training provider:
Are you a specialist company? Are your trainers qualified in this area? How many years of work experience do you have? How many people attend each course? With us you receive all variations of speaker training; from the one-hour workshop via Skype, through the open day seminar to the individually assembled special seminar for you or your company.

“The speaker who reads his speech flees into the past, who looks at his audience looks to the future, the former comes to nothing, the second reinvents his past in the present, the future, his own and those of his listeners. There is no rhetoric outside the rhetorical circle.”
(Stéphane André, Ecole de l’Art Oratoire)