Crisis Communications

Crisis situations are delicate. Mistakes made here have a particularly serious impact on companies. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know in advance about possible dangers and communication strategies in the crisis. A crisis training therefore simulates the most realistic possible emergency and shows step by step how best to act, rather than just reacting. Messages and communication goals are thoroughly examined and revised.

Through various interview situations you get the necessary routine and security. The main theme and repeatedly played interview and statement element is above all one thing: the credibility.

Furthermore, the course of a crisis is played through: How and with what messages do I reach all relevant target groups? How can I get opinion leadership during the crisis? How do I get out of a crisis as unscathed as possible?

Through open feedback and application of the jointly developed messages and strategies, you can react quickly and in a sensible way to crisis situations and remain sovereign and credible as the point of contact for media, authorities and the population.